"Escape Harassment" 
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Researchers and Educators.

The American people ‘think’ they live in a “Constitutional Republic”, the “Land of the Free, Home of the Brave”.

They are brainwashed/ indoctrinated (education by omission) into “Democracy” (mob rule), by the government’s education, government churches, and government-controlled media.   What actually exists today is “rule by corporations” (government “agencies”, headless unaccountable 4th branch).

The agencies continue to “regulate” the (unsuspecting) American people by enforcing internal-agency, “administrative”, “Informal rule-making procedure”, interpretive (lawyer opinion), regulations that are NOT lawfully promulgated enforceable.   ONLY those agency-promulgated regulations that are “Substantive Regulations” (properly enabled, passed and published) have the full force and effect of Law.   There ARE NONE.    These “agencies” IRS, BATF, DMV, DOT, EPA, FEMA, etc. are ALL BLUFF.
(See www.jusbelli.com)

They “trick” (coerce) people into contract voluntary “registration”,  –  then demand/enforce compliance with terms of the “Contract Penalty-Clause”
(Code section & Title numbers).

We created this website to expose the fraud and coercion (that the research has revealed), and provide the important information....
“What others have done and had success with; a procedure that WORKS”.

"This 'Escape' Site is for "Answers ONLY" 
(WITHOUT 'background research').
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Escape Tickets, Courts, and the IRS
"Escape Harassment"
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