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We first began to research into ‘the problems’ during the FIRST, ‘Phony Oil Shortage* (designed to raise the price of Gasoline from .42 cents per gallon up to $1.42 per gallon) which was Titled “The Arab Oil Embargo of 1972″.

Prior to that time, we existed as various private business owners, and we continually got audited every year, because we had a large annual cash flow, but due to continuous rising material prices, we never made any appreciable taxable profit.    Theft of our private property caused the IRS computer to "kick-out" or flag our members every year.

We soon tired of being on the endless treadmill of debts and taxation, to some private corporations, that we did not feel we should be in business with.

Several of us got together and began “Research” into the problems and began to organize the research, and then collate it into the 4 main areas that people seem interested in.    These became the 3 “Home-Study Courses” and various Educational “Information Packages” offered by our sister group.

As time went by, a local “Weekly Research Meeting” was created for researchers to share the new knowledge with and among each other.   As more time went by and people’s time, wear-and-tear on their cars, and increasing risk of harassment along the way by revenue collectors  “State Policy Enforcement” (revenue collection), (police officers) increased, the physical meetings were transformed into weekly research telephone conference calls, to accomplish the purpose (network) without the physical risks, and costs, with weekly written transcripts. 

The original ‘sister website’ continued to offer the 4 main interest areas, research by hard-copy or mail-order. ( www.peoples-rights.com ).   However, the postage/shipping costs began to rise to unacceptable levels, and people were NOT studying/reading the “research” material.    The new ”students” simply wanted to know WHAT-TO -DO about the problems.
They did NOT care Who, What, When, Where, Why, or How.    They want the “quick fix” (“monkey-see, monkey-do”) answers, that others (earlier/previous students) had been successful using/doing.


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