1. Upon What, is this process based ?

    Answer;  definition of 'contract' = Offer, Acceptance, &
Consideration-of-Value.   More particularly - "Offer,  Acceptance (of that
Offer) at which time a Contract arises at Law (by the
'Acceptance'), and the 'Offeror' can NO LONGER withdraw the Offer, & Both
Parties are IMMEDIATELY BOUND and HELD to Specific Performance of the
Newly arizen 'Contract'. (By the 'Acceptance').

We teach, - to Avoid the "Acceptance" Trap" !   THEREFOR, No
Contract exists.    "No contract = No Authority"

2. What is the (legal) definition of 'Acceptance' ?

     Answer; definition of 'acceptance' = "Intent to Retain".
(C.J.S./'Corpus Juris Secundum') Law Encyclopedia (Secundom = Second
Edition, in Latin).

3. What is the (legal) definition of 'Appearance' ?

     Answer; definition of 'appearance' = 'If One does ANYTHING
'Beneficial' to One Party or 'Detrimental' to another Party, they
'Traverse' and
have MADE APPEARANCE in the Case, as a Party to the Case', -  (CJS).  If
it ain't "Neutral" you HAVE MADE APPEARANCE.  And, - "You" created a
'controversy'  "FOR" the Enemy.  (and Fell for the "Appearance Trap").

4. How does the IRS coerce us (Trick us) into being "Subjected" to their
Private CORPORATION Rules & Regulations and (legal-contract) EXTORTION ?

      Answer: "Income Tax" (IRS) is collected by "Voluntary Compliance".
 Basic 'contract' Law.   Once One volunteers into a Regulated
Enterprise, - One must comply with the regulations of that Enterprise. 
(Basic "Contract" Law).

By implementng "Strategy #1" One "UN-Volunteers" ('Discontinues'
Volunteering), and TERMINATES the (presumption of) contract.    Procedure
must be repeated EACH and EVERY time (an Offer is Presented), ALWAYS and
FOREVER. (otherwise a NEW 'contract' arises = 'ReContract', and the
'Acceptance Trap'  "Gotcha").

5. Who actually "is" (Lawfully) Required to File with IRS ?

If you enjoy a 'Government Job' (a 'Privilege', NOT a 'Right'),
or some other government-granted Benefit, Privilege, License,
Title-of-Nobility, (i.e.; Voter of, Taxpayer of, citizen of, resident of,
member of, resident-Agent of, etc.), or Opportunity-Offered from
government, WE can "NOT" Help you, - as One "DOES" OWE the (Excise) 'Tax',
"in RETURN" for enjoying that Privilege or Benefit being Enjoyed. (See

6. How do Courts get jurisdiction over us ?

 In order to have jurisdiction (to adjudicate) a Case (controversy)  or
controversy, it requires a Contract, over-which there exists a dispute or
disagreement.  When "No Acceptance" = No Contract" (or No controversy over
one) exists = "No Controversy" = "NO jurisdiction" = NO Case/Action Can be
(commenced). (See Const. ARTICLE III, Section 2)

7. Is what they are doing 'Constitutional' ?

Even the Declaration of Independence says,- "government derives "their
'just powers' from the 'Consent' of the governed". - So We teach "DON'T
CONSENT" ! (see Declaration of Independence paragraph 2).

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Frequently Asked Questions:
8. What is the PURPOSE of the "Strategy #1" ?

"Due Process" Requires (All 3), they:
1. Must serve "WRITTEN NOTICE" upon you,
2. Must Serve 'Proper SERVICE of PROCESS' upon you,
3. Must obtain "Acceptance", for 'Contract' (jurisdiction) to attach.  The
'Purpose' is to DEPRIVE them of all 3 of those.

9. Why must a "courtesy copy" be sent to the court clerk ?

Purpose of the Escape (3 strategies) is to Deprive (the ENEMY) of all three 'Due Process' Requirements, without-which, - they can NOT PROCEED. (can NOT "Docket" a Case againt you).  The Court Clerk does NOT KNOW that you have successfully Escaped their deception, coercion and trickery, and Clerk will Continue-on under 'Presumption', until they Receive (Neutral) NOTICE from (annonymous you), (that they have been Deprived of "Acceptance" of the Offer, and subsequently they (per "Due Process" Requirements) Can NOT Proceed).  Clerk won't KNOW, until they receive
(Neutral/annonymous) NOTICE copies Evidence/Proof (Neutral from you). (One can 'Omit' this step with IRS - No clerk involved).

10. What are the 3 Preliminary Elements of Primary Jurisdiction necessary for 'Contract Enforcement' ?

1. Person, 2. Place (Venue)/location/geography, and 3. Thing ("subject matter"/contract of Insurance).  'Social Security' is FICA (Federal Insurance Contributions Act, 'F.I.C.A.').

FIRST ELEMENT; Person.  Today, - NO ONE is in Jail, having been accused of violating a "Law".   EVERYONE in Jail is there having been accused of violating a Contract-Penalty-Clause CODE Title number, or Contract-Penalty-Clause CODE Section number,- NOT any 'LAW'.  So, activate "Strategy #1" and avoid the "Acceptance Trap", so that there "Is No" Contract,- thus NO Contract-Penalty-Clause CODE Title or Section numbers can attach (to you) = No "In Personam" (personal) jurisdiction CAN  exist. "people"  (All lower-case letter name, No number, GOD-created), - are NOT  "PERSONS" (Legislature/Congress-created   ALL CAPITAL LETTER NAME with
Govt.I.D. Numbers). people are "Actual", - as opposed to - PERSONs are "Virtual" (FICTION).

SECOND ELEMENT; place (Venue);
live actual natural private male and female 'people' do NOT live 'in' the
four (4) FICTION Corporation-Government "THIS  STATE" Zones.
Which are;
1. government FICTION ("THIS STATE") Zone D.C. (Guam, Puerto Rico, Marianas Islands, American Samoa, Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-yards, Territories, Possessions and Zones).
2. FICTION Government CORPORATION "STATE OF ___(Name_One)___"
3. Government "THIS STATE" FICTION 2 CAPITAL LETTER Abbreviations (Zones).
4. Government "THIS STATE" FICTION 5 or more number Z.I.P. ("Zone Improvement Program") numbered FICTION Zone.
NOTICE: Because this product is "educational knowledge", it is NOT possible for you to RETURN the product. 
All sales are FINAL, there are NO returns or refunds through Paypal. 
To honest students/individuals: Any recourse must be via the "guarantee", upon completion, consistent implementation, and consistent activation of the 3 Step Procedure.