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I am Don B. from Sussex County, Delaware.   
I am a long-distance Tractor-trailer truck driver.   
I got a traffic ticket on a Friday afternoon, and was unable to mail it with the 'Neutral Response' procedure until the following Monday afternoon. I was concerned that too much time had passed.

The next week, I  got a letter (from the court) with the same ticket
again, saying that my paperwork was frivolous, of no effect, had no
validity, and was groundless.   (But the same ticket was enclosed).   
I immediately repeated the "Neutral response procedure".   Several weeks
later the court sent a similar letter (again) and again included the
original 'ticket'.    This back-and-forth ticket went on until the "Court
Date' had passed.

Later, one day I had to pull into a 'weigh station' (truck scales) and I
was beckoned into the 'office'.   I expected some static about the
"Driver License" (and a missed Court date),   - HOWEVER, I was given a
ficket for my BOSS, due to the trailer being "overweight".   NOTHING was
on the computer about any hearing or failure-to-appear court date.

The "Neutral Response" procedure TERMINATED the ticket and the court.    
I have heard NOTHING MORE about it, since.
Don B.,    Sussex County, Delaware

For 34 years (since 1972) the B.A.R., Lawyer-Judge Corporation known as I.R.S., has been attempting to ‘trick* me into traversing (responding) to their contacts (offers/presentments of contract) by mail /U.S. Postal Service, Inc..
Mail from them constantly comes to a “Fictitious Federal Territory” numbered “19958″, or Titled “DE”.
I receive my mail (in actual “delaware” (fully spelled-out, all lower case, no numbers), not any virtual FICTITIOUS Federal Territory.
As I am a live natural private man (name in all lower-case with no numbers), it would be “Mail Fraud” for me to open, keep, or retain any mail obviously “mis-delivered”.   Postal and other “laws” require such mail be “Returned-to-Sender”.
However the crooked government lawyers “presume” that “if they sent it – you got/kept (retained) it”, equaling ”acceptance”).    They presume you accepted their contract offer/mail.

The only way to “prove” that one did not keep/retain/accept their “presentment” is to send it (with wording from “Neutral Response #1″ Cover Letter), immediately back-to-Sender DELIVERY CONFIRMATION, or CERTIFICATE OF MAILING, or CERTIFIED MAIL.  (“Neutral Response #1″)
The “I.R.S.” or court, or other government collection/enforcement agency , (being good well-trained pirates/thieves), – will continue to send you (me) repetitive “bills” every 2 or 3 months, regardless, – to “wear-us-down”. NOTICE) upon me,  [ the actual, live private natural (all lower-case name, no numbered) man ].
They even sent a live I.R.S. Agent to my house once, to personally hand me their “papers”, which were for the ALL CAPITAL LETTER (name similar to mine) DUMMY CORPORATION with a "Taxpayer License/I.D. number" .    I simply obtained the (delivery boy’s) name & office address and (Next Day) I “Returned-to-Sender/Deliverer” (with “Neutral Response #1″ cover letter wording)  “DELIVERY CONFIRMATION”.
This document (wording) and additional instructions, and additional TESTIMONIAL, are in the “Initial Information” package from www. or send (postage/copy-cost) DONATION $20.00 to Peoples-Rights Association care of 1624 Savannah Road Lewes, ON (19958)-9999 delaware.
I haven’t “filed” since 1972 because none of my private property earning /Labor is “INCOME”.    “INCOME” = Corporate gain/profit. 

david s. de riemer
(autograph) 28 USC 1746 (1)
Mr. Don H. (from Long Island, New York) and his wife had
seven (7) years of ongoing correspondence from several different IRS
offices, - and notices of liens and levies, and threats to "sell their
home", if they did not pay.

They contacted the research people (& the 'Howard Griswold Research
Group'), and activated "Strategy #1" as instructed.   The wife could NOT
BELIEVE that it could be so easy to "un-volunteer" from the IRS.

As time went by, she nagged her husband, so he went to the
county "Recorder of Documents" office and asked to "see" the
Public Record, copies of, actual liens, levies, and threats of
their home's "IRS Public Auction Sale".

The cLerk reported "there were none". The IRS had 'Removed'
any and all such NOTICES, and threats from the Public Record.

The husband (Don H.) reported back to his wife the good news.
The "Strategy #1" process had WORKED 100 per cent! Their
home was "free and clear" from All and Any IRS "Claims-of-Debt".  
Last we heard, they are “living happily ever after".

Dear Dave,
I have success with Not retaining anything from IRS. And Credit Cards.And
Third Partys. By Law: The Dept. of the Treasury  Management  Service HAS to  notified you when the IRS is going to garnish your check or checking account or ssa.

My Problem started when I filed the 1099 OID's using Doug's method.
I refilled and did everything the IRS told me to do, but they would not
accept anything I did. They sent me Bills for Penalties and Interest, for the 4 years I had  filed. Nothing worked.

Then I heard you on a talkshow, I tried it. The IRS still kept sending
more. It took me 4 months to get the nerve to finally send it to The Dept. of the Treasury Management Services. At first, They ignored it, too.
Then I sent one with the # of Certified mail on paperwork.  I put the
small sticker on it with little hash marks on it.  They returned it to me. I sent it back again. They stopped taking out money from my ssa check.

2 monthes later, the IRS sent another bill. I returned it, but the Dept.of
Treasury took another payment from my check.  I sent it back again.  They
stopped  again.   The IRS tried it again.  I sent it back, again. So far,  nothing has been taken out of my check.

So please keep telling people about this. IT WORKS!!!!
Thank you so much for trying to make people understand this.

Of course the snakes are trying to refuse the mail, But when I place my
postage on the mail and my Mailman takes it. It is accepted, even if they
don't  accept it.  I make copies of everything I send. Always keep records of everything.

Thank you again Dave, Keep up the good work. Keep the people
Informed!!!!!The IRS is a mean one!!!!
-Ms. B.

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